Welcome to Manteca Sportsmen's Pistol Range!

MSI has a 12 station covered pistol range. Target distances are set at 7, 15, and 25 yards. The pistol range is open to the public unless a special event is scheduled.

MSI sponsors a monthly Pistol Fun Shoot on the second Sunday of each month. The Pistol Fun Shoot starts at 9:00 AM.

The pictures shown on this page are from the September 9th, 2012, "Alien" theme fun shoot.

Each fun shoot has a theme appropriate to the time of year (Valentine's, Thanksgiving, etc.) with creative theme based targets.

Eight shooting stations are set up with theme based targets.

At each station, shooters are under time pressure to fire six rounds.

Scores are kept for each station and totaled at the end to determine winners.

After shooting, competitors reset the targets at each station for the next shooter and when directed move to the next station. At the last station a "special" target is set up, which is not scored.

Pistol Fun Shoot Results: Click on the "monthly score" to see how you rank with other shooters! and see who has the top scores for the month.

Monthly Scores:

December 2012 Fun Shoot Scores
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October 2012 Fun Shoot Scores
September 2012 Fun Shoot Scores
August 2012 Fun Shoot Scores
May 2011 Fun Shoot Scores
April 2011 Fun Shoot Scores
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